Road Maintenance Issues


Today, September 30, 2019 will mark a mile stone in getting Sierra Ranchos Roads in better condition.  As ordered by the State of Nevada in the recent disciplinary findings we are required to fully fund the Reserve account.  So in doing so we must first have the roads evaluated by an experienced road engineer and contractor to estimate the cost.  At 1:00 p.m. a meeting with one of each, licensed engineer and Road Contractor will be held and a drive around of the community will be conducted.  The information they provide will help us evaluate our Reserve account and what is needed to fully get our community roads to a decent level and for our residents to enjoy their community.  More information on this will be forthcoming.

It's no surprise to anyone that the majority of SRPOA roads have not been touched in nearly the eight months, or at least since November 2019.  The new board elected November 2020 is reestablishing the previous practice of scheduling roads for regular maintenance.  We know every road is a priority to the owner that lives on them and we will be concentrating on repairing the worst roads first as soon as the main traveled roads of Dry Valley and Frontier are completed. 

Current work and conversation is ongoing in regards to the drainage issues on the North end of Dry Valley and the various flooded roads and property in that area, ten years of poor grading and bad decision can't be fixed in one or two road maintenance seasons but it is being worked vigorously.


Due to a decision handed down from the Nevada Division of Real Estate and the Nevada Attorney General's Office on September 17, 2019, the Sierra Ranchos Property Owners Association has regrettably had to cancel our road maintenance contract with our current grader operator and retain the assistance of a licensed road grading contractor. Once all the paperwork has been completed and a contract signed the entire contracted will be posted for your review. Among some the changes made to the contract are:

                           1.  30 hours of road maintenance will be performed monthly opposed to 18 hours.
                           2.  Payment is for actual hours of work performed.
                           3.  A Licensed Grading contractor with experience with our type of roads.

                           4.  Work will begin the last week of October.  No work will be performed on 
                                Wednesdays to avoid conflict with trash cans on the roads.

Several hours were spent with new contractor and road engineer and several areas of improper drainage, lack of crowing, illegal ditches, and other issues affecting our roads and property were identified and plans are underway to come up with a long term solution to our problems.  We understand the roads are in bad condition however, the board had no choice in the decision to end our current contract.   While we attempted to continue with our current contract for as long as possible, the board was directed to comply immediately or face further sanctions.